The carrier OSS ecosystem

Last week here on PAOSS, we presented the double ecosystem OSS model, as shown via the two bands (red and blue) in the diagram below.

The outer pairing (red) shows an OSS ecosystem that is provided by the CSP but enhanced by the CSP’s customers and used to run the customers’s e-businesses.

Long-time readers will have noticed how this ties into the Above-the-Line / Below-the-Line (ATL / BTL) model discussed in a post entitled, “A new category of OSS.”

A diagram from this earlier post is shown below:

The multi-tenant capabilities of this model would allow the CSP customers to augment their data with the management data streams from their own network segments and other tools (eg LANs / WANs, third-party clouds, CRM, sales tools, etc) to enhance their monitoring and reporting abilities.

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