The end of network training?

Over the past six months, we have reorganized the entire company. Almost 70 percent of our engineers are now doing something different for us. We had to do some very painful things like laying off 7,000 people and hiring back 6,000 with different skill sets. We have moved from selling boxes to selling outcomes.”
John Chambers

In this recent post, I posed the question of whether the end of the network engineering role could potentially be nigh. How does the end of network engineers impact the Cisco nexus (bad pun intended) generated by their Cisco Certified programs? If we don’t need network engineers, we won’t need CCNAs, CCIEs, etc will we??

And if we don’t need Cisco Certified engineers and therefore their related training courses, does Cisco miss out on the ability to build a massive advocate network who actively sell the Cisco products that they’ve been trained on? As it currently stands, this provides Cisco with a significant competitive advantage.

But Cisco undoubtedly understands this extended value of their Cisco Certified brand. I’m sure they’ll evolve their training materials (and the brand) to train people in whatever their next generations of products / services will look like, thus building new advocates to act as sales-people on their behalf.

Interestingly, the customer-facing component of Cisco’s next generations of products / services is likely to have an increased OSS/systems feel to it, so perhaps there are a more OSS-centric set of training courses due out in the Cisco Certified programmes of the not too distant future??

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  1. Hi Matthew

    In the context of this post, yes Cisco Prime does cover some aspects of the OSS of the future and the Cisco team is making significant investments in time and money to evolve the suite significantly (as well as the Tail-f and other acquisitions). Naturally they deliver training on these products but haven’t turned them into the must-have industry pseudo-standard like they have with CCNA, etc.

    In the context of the product capabilities of Prime, they’re like most other OSS products – they suit some customers’s requirements.

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