The problems we’ve got left…

The problems you’ve got left… are probably the difficult ones.
We’d all like to find discount answers to our problems. Organizations, governments and individuals prefer to find the solution that’s guaranteed to work, takes little time and even less effort.
Of course, the problems that lend themselves to bargain solutions have already been solved.
What we’re left with are the problems that will take ridiculous amounts of effort, untold resources and the bravery to attempt something that might not work.”
Seth Godin in his blog.

The bargain solutions have been solved with most OSS. More features.

The difficult ones appear to be culminating in a Massive Inflection Point. The OSS you’ve invested millions of development hours into can no longer just be underpinned. It needs entirely new footings and it will take ridiculous amounts of bravery to start building.

The difficult problem is how to make the quantum leap to an OSS that can handle the data volumes caused by:

  1. Network virtualisation and service abstraction
  2. Internet of Things and M2M (ie many more networked devices)
  3. More diversified, unstructured data sets
  4. Meshed wireless technologies using un-licensed spectrum (ie many more networked devices)
  5. An increased ability to measure (and a subsequent business dependence on) non-traditional real-time information (eg location / spatial, individual preferences, etc)

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