Network virtualisation must….

Network Virtualisation must….

    1. De-couple
    2. Reproduce
    3. Automate

Matt Berry in a presentation discussing VMware NSX.

The link above takes you on a great presentation of network virtualisation in general, but VMware’s specific instantiation, NSX.

The flexibility of these types of network changes will similarly impact the flexibility that your OSS will need to achieve. Can your OSS handle this already?

At 29:50 into the presentation, it describes eBay going from 7 days to 30 seconds to provision a network. This means there is potential for much more rapid change in resource allocation within your network. For example, if your current OSS does a network discovery poll once a day, typically overnight, is this fast enough for a virtualised network?

NSX provides APIs and SNMP interfaces for an OSS to gather data. If you’re polling resource usage via these interfaces more regularly (eg every 30 seconds if that’s all it takes to provision a network and hence have resource usage changes??) then can your OSS handle the transaction load?

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