The secret to your success?

We don’t have many rules at IDEO, but we do have some cultural values that we take seriously because we feel they make our teams more effective. We prototyped these values for a couple decades before we set them in print. One of them is to Make Others Successful. This might not seem like an obvious value for a group of creative types. After all, we often think of creativity as a competitive sport. The person who racks up the most ideas most often is the most valuable player.”
Tim Brown
on a LinkedIn post

The complexities of OSS lie in their need to link expertise in many different fields (application development, networks and business just for starters). The secret to personal success has the same source as team success on OctopOSS projects. Dedicating your time to making others successful.

Make enough customers successful and your products/services will sell themselves.
Share your knowledge with as many of your team-mates as possible and you’ll create a greater number of linchpins who can get things done in your team as well as a culture of sharing/learning.
Provide learning bridges between connections in our industry and it will surely lift all boats.

But maybe that’s just my opinion. What’s the secret to your success?

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