What’s your OSS provenance?

Mythology goes back, obviously, to ancient civilizations and it fulfilled a real role in providing us lessons in life and by giving us heroes and giving us villains and giving us stories.
I did some research that sort of got me into this topic that was looking at things like flea markets, swap meets, and also antique dealers, and they said in each case that this item will sell for much more if it has a good story attached to it. In the art world we might call this “provenance”; it’s the history of the possession and an interesting story about it.
And the same goes in the consumer goods realm, that if we have a product that we’re able to spin a good story about, it’s worth more to the consumer
Russell Belk

This message of provenance above by Russell Belk aligns with something that I’ve often pondered with regards to artwork, or in my case photography. It’s the story of the artwork that often makes the artwork appealing and the purchaser will then share the story when showing their acquisition to others. An element of mythology then surrounds the artwork and makes it more interesting and possibly even provides the perception of being more valuable.

Over my years of conducting OSS vendor evaluations, not many of the presenting vendors have provided a story of provenance.

I’m really quite curious to see whether this could be as successful in OSS as it seems to have been for companies like Apple, with the creation myth (being built from a garage by Jobs and Woz), the messiah myth (Jobs rebirth as CEO), etc. Would Van Gogh’s works be as sought after if not for the back story?

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