The Value Fabric. A new book from John Reilly

John P. Reilly has recently released his latest book, entitled, “The Value Fabric: A Guide to Doing Business in the Digital World.” (Amazon link here)

You’ve probably already heard of John in the world of OSS. He is a subject matter expert, master trainer and Distinguished Fellow of TM Forum. He has also been responsible for providing Information Framework (SID) model subject matter knowledge in support of TM Forum programs and projects.

You’ve probably already read some of his books (I know I have – there are at least four of his books in my bookshelves). He is the author of “Implementing the TM Forum Information Framework (SID),” “Frameworx Distilled” and “The eTOM a Business Process Framework Implementer’s Guide,” amongst others.

You may have even read his “How to Transform Customer Engagement to Party Engagement Management” masterclass in “OSS Masterclasses,” a free e-book compiled by Passionate About OSS.

Now back to John’s latest book. “The Value Fabric: A Guide to Doing Business in the Digital World,” describes how business should be conducted in the digital world using a new concept called the value fabric. A value fabric is a mesh of interwoven, cooperating organizations and individuals, called parties, who directly or indirectly deliver value to customers. The book address the following questions:

  • How are multi-party, multi-industry business models represented in today’s digital world?
  • How is a vibrant fabric composed of these parties (participants) developed?
  • What are the keys to successful participation in the fabric?
  • How should participants communicate with one another?
  • Does the use of industry standards enable successful cooperation among participants?
  • Where can standards be found?
  • What are the similarities and difference between the value fabric and value chain / value network? And also of importance is why we should care about all this:
  • The digital world requires a standard way to simply describe and visualize the way business is conducted, and the value fabric provides that.
  • The digital world demands agility, and the value fabric enabled by industry standards provides a way for businesses to become and remain agile.

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