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Those of you familiar with TM Forum are already quite familiar with the Frameworx enterprise architecture model. It’s as close as we get to a standard used across the OSS industry.

Frameworx consists of four main modules, with eTOM, TAM and SID being the most widely referred to:

But there’s a newer weapon in the TM Forum arsenal that appears to be gaining widespread use. It’s the TM Forum Open API suite, which has over 50 REST-based APIs as well as having many more under development. This link provides the full list of APIs, including specifications, swagger files and postman collections.

The following diagram comes from the Open API Map (GB992) (accurate as of 9 Jan 2018).

It’s well worth reviewing as I think you’ll be hearing about TMF642 (Alarm Management API) and all its sister products as commonly as you hear eTOM or SID mentioned today.

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