Turk Telekom signs with Redknee

Redknee Awarded a Multi-Year Contract to Support Turk Telekom with the Launch of New Services.

Redknee Solutions Inc. (TSX: RKN) announced the signing of a new multi-year expansion of services contract, including licenses, support and other consulting services, with Turk Telekom, a leading mobile operator in Turkey with over 17 million subscribers. With signing of this new contract, Turk Telekom will further strengthen its relationship with Redknee and leverage its real-time monetization and subscriber management software to support the impending launch of new LTE services in the coming months.

For Turk Telekom, it is an exciting time in the Turkish telecommunications market with the company set to be amongst the very first providers of LTE services in the country. The introduction of LTE services is widely expected to fuel the introduction of new products and services in the Turkish market and lead to stronger penetration of mobile devices and technologies across Turkey to take advantage of the technology.

Fatih Çal??kan, Director of Application Development, Turk Telekom commented: “We are proud to strengthen our relationship with Redknee at a time when there is significant change in the Turkish market. Redknee’s agility, flexibility and experience in supporting LTE services will ensure that Turk Telekom is able to seamlessly launch our new LTE services over the coming months and achieve our long-term growth strategy.”

Lucas Skoczkowski, Redknee’s CEO commented:

“Redknee is pleased to expand our relationship with Turk Telekom to support them with the adoption of new technologies in a strong and dynamic market. The expansion of our relationship highlights how Redknee’s flexible and agile solutions can support the transformation and modernization of services offerings to support growth and profitability for our clients.” Redknee enables communications service providers (CSPs) to monetize and optimize the subscriber experience across the entire customer lifecycle. From activation and provisioning, to supporting a 360 degree view of the customer’s usage, preferences, and integration with third party social media sites, to empowering customers with self-care tools and the ability to pay for services on the go, Redknee offers one of the most comprehensive real-time converged charging, policy management, billing and customer care solutions in the industry. Redknee’s highly scalable and flexible solutions enable CSPs to monetize third party relationships and content, support resellers and dealers and launch multi-country operations quickly, effectively and with a low total cost of ownership. Available on premise, cloud-based and as a Software-as-a-Service offering, Redknee delivers a complete monetization and subscriber management solution to more than 250 service providers, including some of the largest Tier 1 operators in the world.


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