Two new products to help you kick-start your next OSS project

There’s only one way that OSS and BSS can get better – clients need to invest in them, which in turn convinces vendors to invest in product development.

There’s a simple sequence of events:

  1. The demonstrable delivery of value by OSS to an organisation, which
  2. Justifies the allocation of budget to your organisation’s OSS, and also
  3. Helps to provide the numbers to substantiate business cases for new OSS projects, which
  4. Are required to trigger new investment in exciting new OSS projects, which
  5. Results in the flow of money to an OSS vendor / implementer, who
  6. Must employ people to implement OSS solutions / projects, which ultimately
  7. Results in you getting paid to work on exciting new OSS projects

The benefit to you (#7), only comes after you (or others who you really should thank! πŸ™‚ ) have helped make numbers 1 to 6 happen.

You’ve probably already seen the Business Case Builder whitepaper that we’ve produced. Now we’ve released two new documents to help you with numbers 1-3 above to help kick-start your next OSS project.

These two new documents are:

1. Our Data Quality Contagion Cost Calculator (DQCCC), which is designed to estimate the cost of poor data quality. This can be one of the larger cost-justification factors that will help get funding for your next OSS project – whether a simple data quality improvement initiative or a massive digital transformation project. Click on the image below or this link to go to the downloads page.

For early adopters, you can download it for free from now until the end of June 2023.

2. Our How to build compelling OSS Business Cases Infographic which provides an array of hints that will show you how to get your next OSS business case funded. Click on the image below or this link to go to the downloads page. This infographic is also freely downloadable.


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