Unlimited OSS mileage

When you rent a car with unlimited mileage and a full tank of gas, how far are you willing to go? You’re only limited by desire and time.
The web feels that way to me. You can share as many secrets, ask as many questions, write as many blog posts as you can dream up. You can invest the time and energy to connect with as many people as you have something to offer… The opportunities for generous sharing and connection are unlimited by anyone (except us)
Seth Godin
, in a blog entry that can be found here.

I love the boundarylessness of this blog by Seth.

Just as the web feels limitless to Seth, OSS feels that way to me. I’ve been writing an entry a day for well over a year, yet there are still so many areas left to explore and stories to share.

The next generations of communications technologies (eg SDN, NFV, openflow, LTE, SON, analytics, etc, etc) are unfolding before us and they represent an OSS vehicle with unlimited mileage. The scope for innovation and connections are not limited by anyone but ourselves.

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