Warren Buffett’s “avoid at all costs” OSS backlog

During the last week, this blog-roll has talked about the benefits, but also the challenges facing implementation techniques like Agile in the world of OSS. There’s no doubt that they’re good at breaking down challenges into smaller pieces for implementation. Unfortunately there’s also the risk of doing for the sake of doing – stuffing more stuff into the backlog – without necessarily thinking of the long-term implications.

Warren Buffett’s “two-list” prioritisation strategy could be an interesting adjunct to Agile, microservices and the like for OSS. Rather than putting all 25 of the listed goals into backlog and prioritising the top 5, the Buffett technique sees only the top 5 entering the backlog and the remaining 20 put into an avoid-at-all-cost bucket… at least until the top 5 are complete.

I know I’m as guilty as Mike Flint in not just tackling the top 5, but keeping the next 20 bubbling away. Is your OSS implementation queue taking the same approach as Buffett or me?

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