What do they want to know?

Understanding what people really want to know—and how that differs from what you want to tell them—is a fundamental tenet of sales
Jason Fried

In the same post on INC.com, Jason also explains “I made the discovery that people’s reasons for buying things often don’t match up with the company’s reason for selling them…
They thought they were arming us with facts that would impress the customers. But, it turned out, none of that stuff mattered. In fact, it had a negative effect. When you describe things in terms people don’t understand, they tend not to trust you as much

There are so many facts, figures and features offered by OSS sales teams that it is quite common for the customer to understand only parts of the sales pitch. Vendors can also become so familiar with their own products, acronyms and terminologies that failure to elaborate leaves even expert OSS evaluators lost in the pitch.

As a vendor, it should be one of your mantras to make the pitch in the words and objectives that are understood by your customers.

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