What if your OSS was obsolesced

I love inventing worlds and characters and settings and scenarios.”
Jerry B. Jenkins

Have you played the “What if?” game with your OSS lately?

Following on from yesterday’s post about moonshots, have you done any “what if?” analysis on how various possible moonshots might effect your OSS?

  • What if the current network technologies were superseded by a new and fundamentally different technology
  • What if another vendor made their OSS 10 times cheaper, faster, more intuitive
  • What if another vendor made an OSS technology 10 times easier to teach and certify
  • What if your organisation was bought out and merged with another organisation that has a vastly improved implementation or design approach
  • What if your OSS is built around a relational database that is overwhelmed by the ever-increasing amount of data that a CSP has to process and is effectively replaced by a framework that can more efficiently store, process and filter out irrelevant data
  • What if an OTT application supersedes traditional CSP services
  • What if your CSP customer base was vastly changed by a disruptive technology that changed their whole business dynamic
  • What if a new type of device became the must-have accessory for end users of communications services and didn’t ascribe to the same OSS management methodologies used until now
  • I’m sure you can think of many others

Do any of these moonshots leave your OSS exposed? If you were to create the moonshot yourself, would it leave your competitors exposed?

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