What’s your Everest?

What’s your Everest?

I was out doing a walk today and listening to a podcast (Jeff Lerner‘s “Unlock your Potential” with guest Colin O’Brady [episode #226]) and that question stopped me in my tracks (literally).

What’s that big ambition, that big goal that you’ve always wanted to achieve?
I don’t have the answer to that question now and thinking back, am not sure I’ve ever had that one driving ambition. But on reflection I probably should have… Shouldn’t I?

Have you always had that big dream? Are you actively on the path to achieving it? If not, what’s getting in the way?

I feel like whenever the big decisions have come up, I’ve always steered in a “direction of highest likelihood” rather than to a specific destination like the summit of Everest. For example, when choosing what to do at uni, I figured computers and comms would be big, so I took up a B Eng degree. I then found out if I added another year to the studies I’d also get a B Sc (Comp Sci). No specific target in those decisions, but steering towards a path of massive opportunity.

Even today, when I am Passionate About OSS, I know I want to help the fields of telco and OSS/BSS become many times better than they already are, but with no specific agenda on how to achieve that. Does the constant change in these fields prevent a singular target???

Passionate About OSS possibly exists because I asked a similar question. How can I help progress the world of OSS at the fastest speed possible? To share stories and ideas. To discuss possibilities, innovations and projects.

When working inside telcos, I felt like 5 days of effort yielded 1 day of results (due to meetings, bureaucracy, etc). I loved the work but that interrupted way-of-working prevented the ability to reach flow-state or rapid outcomes. Working outside-in means 5 days effort yields 5+ days of results most weeks.

Collaborating with the brilliance of many others in our industry surely amplifies this progress. I have the freedom to re-steer my effort every day towards a path that feels like it will yield greatest opportunity. I’m lucky enough to have some Everest-sized opportunities to work towards already, so that definitely helps.

But still…. What’s my Everest? I don’t have an answer yet. I suspect that’s going to take a lot more reflection.

But let me ask you. What is your Everest?? Does something jump out immediately? Does it relate to telco / OSS or something else entirely? Are you also steering in a general direction of a mountain range that holds great promise rather than to a specific mountain peak?

Is your Everest something that’s so big that it needs a bigger team than just you or the current resources you have at your disposal? Perhaps I can point you to other people / companies to collaborate with to be your Sherpas or partners-in-climb (did you like that awful play on words?).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your particular Everest. Please leave me a comment below (shared with the world) or use the contact us page (to leave us a private message).

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