Where OSS meets Smart Grids

It’s less about boxes and bases stations; it’s now a lot about software analytics, capability of reconfiguration and all that. It’s a very big shift from what we have seen in the last years.”
Professor Mischa Dohler

In the video in the link above, Prof Dohler suggests there are two major disruptions happening in relation to the telecommunications industry – one is an internal one of making the very painful transition from hardware to software (and all the related configurability) and a second one that works for the Telco industry in its ability to offer totally different applications than we’ve seen before.

He highlights the overlap of the telemetry of Telco networks with those of smart cities (ie smart grids) and how that provides an opportunity to deliver applications that blend the best of those technologies.

In an environment like this, OSS are no longer just an internal operational tool, but become the platform for making connections, applications and content to service a CSP’s customers in new ways. To live up to this lofty goal, OSS has to become a highly open framework to facilitate the needs of a CSP’s customers rather than it’s current guise as servicing the CSP’s internal needs.

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