Why are OSS/ BSS becoming increasingly important?

A carrier’s network coverage is no longer the dominant differentiating factor that it once was (in deregulated markets anyway).

The following are revolutionary drivers of change in the telecommunications industry:

  • Commodotised network services (ubiquitous connectivity),
  • Cloud computing (ubiquitous processing and storage),
  • Changing customer expectations (personalisation, relevance, control, responsiveness and timeliness)
  • Ever increasing bandwidth and
  • Decreasing barriers to entry for new providers

It is now clear that innovative business, service and revenue models are attracting customers away from traditional carriers. Content, service bundling and customer support become some of the new differentiators that allow David to tackle the industry Goliaths.  The flexibility and efficiency offered by OSS tools will have an ever increasing part to play in supporting these revolutionary business models.

Speed to market, innovation, flexibility and customer relationships are key differentiators that the OctopOSS can either help or hinder. If your OSS is comprised of hundreds of constituent systems, has a rat’s nest of integration points, has cumbersome processes and is maintained by hundreds of specialist resources it will take an maestro to deliver transformation projects that can deliver near to expectations on cost, schedule, functionality, etc.

Whatever the level of complexity of your current or future OSS, focus on the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid!

The industry is waiting for artists like Jonathan Ives (of Apple fame) that can simplify and tame the OctopOSS.

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