Why are OSS relevant?

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
Daniel Keys Moran.

OSS technologies will undergo changes from any number of directions in coming years and disruptive approaches will undoubtedly morph OSS from their current form.

Irrespective of this evolution, we can simplify. The reason that OSS are relevant now and will continue to remain relevant in their modified form in the future is because the digital world is awash with data and OSS are the puppet-masters of that data. It pulls on multiple strings to control the puppet.

But your OSS will quickly lose relevance if it can’t make the puppet dance by providing information that educates, captivates and inspires. Similarly, your OSS can’t produce valuable information if it’s not collecting the relevant raw data.

How do you foresee the OSS evolution unfolding in coming years and how will that affect the way we use them?

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