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Ericsson has added the new Wi-Fi calling for multi-device functionality to the existing Ericsson Wi-Fi calling solution. The Ericsson offering comprises product support in Evolved Packet Core (EPC), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), User Data Management (UDM) and OSS/BSS, as well as system integration services. The functionality is verified and tested end-to-end towards device brands that support this service.”
Ericsson press release.

The evolving capabilities of Wi-Fi-based comms is a space that I’m watching with great interest and have been hypothesising about since Wi-Fi first became commercially available in the late 1990s. It has the potential to significantly disrupt comms industries by breaking the pseudo-monopolies of spectrum auctions… and potentially the proceeds that governments gain from running these auctions… but I digress.

I haven’t had a chance to do a deep-dive into the product suite behind the Ericsson press release yet (click link above to see the extended content) but it caught my eye because it appears to represent an ecosystem of:

  • Operations / delivery (OSS),
  • Billing (BSS),
  • Network / infrastructure (EPC),
  • Content / analytics (IMS & UDM)
  • Over an unlicensed communications medium that also happens to support our growing desire for mobility (ie via Wi-Fi).

Throw in network virtualisation and we have a software-centric, multi-faceted comms platform that I believe represents the future of our industry. It’s quite a different platform than the traditional OSS we’ve dealt with in the past isn’t it?

But change involves learning new stuff, which is daunting. As Seth Godin states, “You can learn a new skill, today, for free. You can take on a new task at work, right now, without asking anyone. You can make a connection, find a flaw, contribute an insight, now.
Or not.
In a fluid system, when people are moving forward, others are falling behind.

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