005 – Making Standardised Open-Source a Strategy for OSS with Vance Shipley

Vance Shipley is the CEO and Founder of SigScale. SigScale is a provider of standardised, open-source, cloud-native OSS/BSS tools, including flagship product, OCS (Online Charging System).

In this episode, Vance takes us on a fascinating journey through a career that started three decades ago with his first role as a high-tech lumberjack through to his current owner / developer role with SigScale. His journey follows an entrepreneurial pathway, developing clever solutions to the many problems that arose during the early days of deregulation of the telco industry. He also outlines the types of opportunities that are presenting themselves in the modern landscape of 5G and network virtualisation.

Vance also highlights how he has become a Venn diagram, with a unique intersection of skills that include developing solutions that incorporate low-level protocol stacks, specialising in cellular networks (and beyond) and being a key connector to bring network management standards together across 3GPP, TM Forum and LFN.

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