015 – Using Modern OSS/BSS Architectures to get Offerings to Market Fast with Greg Tilton

When it comes to OSS/BSS implementations (and products), Time to Market (TTM) is one of our most important metrics. Not just for the network operator to deliver new offerings to market, but also in getting solutions up and running quickly. Faster TTM provides the benefits of cost reduction and faster turn-on of revenue, but potentially allows the operator beat competitors to the acquisition of new customers.

Our guest on this episode, Greg Tilton, has spent many years building OSS and BSS with this key metric in mind. Initially with carriers / ISPs such as Telstra, Request, AAPT and nbn, but more recently with DGIT Systems (www.dgitsystems.com). Greg is a founder and CEO of DGIT, a company that has been creating BSS products since 2011 across order management, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), product catalog and billing (through its acquisition of Inomial in 2018).

Greg provides us with a range of helpful hints for improving TTM market across a number of facets. These include project implementations, architecture and product design as well as highlighting the importance of standardisation. On the latter, Greg and DGIT have long held a mutually beneficial relationship with TM Forum (https://www.tmforum.org), being both a consumer of and contributor to many of the standards that are widely used by the OSS/BSS / telco industries (and beyond).

For any further questions you may have, Greg can be found at: www.linkedin.com/in/greg-tilton-a460207 and via www.dgitsystems.com.

Disclaimer. All the views and opinions shared in this podcast, and others in the series, are solely those of our guest and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the organisations discussed.

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