018 – How a NaaS Transformation can Revolutionise your OSS_BSS Stack with Johanne Mayer

OSS/BSS stacks can be incredibly complex and cumbersome beasts, especially in large carriers with many different product, process and network variants. We don’t make that task any easier by creating many unique product offerings to take to market. And this time to market can be a significant competitive advantage, or be a serious impediment to it. NaaS, or Network as a Service, is a novel approach to increasing flexibility in our OSS/BSS stacks, inserting an API layer that provides a separation of concerns.

Our guest on today’s episode, Johanne Mayer, is so passionate about the benefits of NaaS-based transformations that she’s formed a company named NaaS Compass(www.naascompass.com) to assist others with their transformations. She provides the hard-won experience from being involved with NaaS transformations at organisations like Telstra.

Prior to embarking on this latest venture, Johanne has also worked with many of the most iconic organisations in the telco / OSS/BSS industries. These include Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent (now part of Nokia), Ericsson, Oracle, Ciena Blue Planet and Analysis Mason. Johanne takes us on a journey through a career that has seen her work on exciting projects from the days of NMS and X.25 networks to more recent projects leading collaborative transformation with standards organisations like TM Forum (where she is a Distinguished Fellow), MEF and ETSI.

For any further questions you may have, Johanne can be found at: www.linkedin.com/in/johannemayer

Disclaimer. All the views and opinions shared in this podcast, and others in the series, are solely those of our guest and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the organisations discussed.

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