Just Launched: Do you Want to Learn more about OSS/BSS?

The world of OSS/BSS is changing rapidly. There’s so much to learn. New forms of information, approaches and technologies are proliferating. Are you wrestling with the challenge of trying to determine what OSS/BSS training you and/or your team requires? We’ve just revised and re-launched our core OSS/BSS training offerings.

Click on the image below to open the OSS/BSS Training Plan, which includes details about each course we offer.

The courses described in the OSS/BSS Training Plan include:

  1. An Introduction to OSS/BSS (PAOSS-INT-01)
  2. Strategic Analysis of Your OSS/BSS (PAOSS-INT-02)
  3. Creating an OSS/BSS Transformation Plan (PAOSS-PRE-01)
  4. OSS/BSS Persona and Workflow Mapping (PAOSS-PRE-02)
  5. Gathering Your Specific OSS/BSS Requirements (PAOSS-PRE-03)
  6. Choosing the Right OSS/BSS Products for Your Needs (PAOSS-PRE-04)
  7. Preparing Your OSS/BSS Business Case (PAOSS-PRE-05)
  8. OSS/BSS Project Planning (PAOSS-PRE-06)
  9. Developing your OSS/BSS Roadmap (PAOSS-PRE-07)
  10. Identifying and Mitigating Your Biggest OSS/BSS Risks (PAOSS-EE-01)
  11. Developing a Data Integration Plan (PAOSS-EE-02)
  12. Integrating with other Systems (PAOSS-EE-03)
  13. Defining OSS Naming Conventions (PAOSS-EE-04)

The attached Training Plan also describes how we can assist you to develop long-term training and mentoring programs to supplement the day-to-day tasks performed by your trainees in their OSS/BSS-related roles.

Are there other subjects you’re interested in that aren’t outlined above? Are you interested in making a group booking? We’d be delighted to work with you to develop customised training for your organisation’s specific needs. Feel free to leave us a note via the contact form below.

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