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James Altucher’s Idea Machine concept will form the basis of a series of upcoming posts.

An earlier post, “Just 10 ideas” posed 10 questions, one being “What are the 10 things that you’d like to get better at?” From that question, and each of the other questions, I’ll attempt to generate 10 ideas.

So, the 10 things I’d like to get better at are:

  1. Inspiring others to help take OSS far beyond where they are today, to release their vast untapped potential
  2. To evolve products, vendors and markets to take OSS out of operations and make them compelling for every other business units through fresh marketing approaches
  3. Despite having a computer science degree, programming has never really excited me. I’d love to be able to develop OSS applications / tools with the efficiency of expert coders, but without dedicating years to the craft. The challenge for OSS coders is to build not just the APIs to integrate with but the platforms that customers can build their own user interfaces
  4. Based on personality testing I’m apparently a relatively unusual mix of creator / innovator and implementer. I’d love to turn that into products that are vastly more visually appealing and easy to use by learning and applying advanced industrial design
  5. Being able to reduce complexity in every aspect of OSS. To better learn the art and elegance of simplicity – to simplify the interaction between process, technology and data
  6. To listen better and develop a deeper understanding of customer needs, written and unwritten. translate this understanding into delivering (eg designs, strategies, products, etc)
  7. To deeply understand and translate every underlying network topology to know requirements better than customers
  8. To learn or invent ways to aggregate future, present and past data and display it so that it accurately predicts issues in advance
  9. To generate more creative business and revenue models to facilitate the adoption of more OSS projects (by delivering more value)
  10. To learn how to better accommodate change in the organisations that implement OSS
  11. To allow operators to rapidly reach expert level on any OSS with Decision Support Systems to guide their activities. This DSS revolution will come from understanding how humans learn and then how to use machines to augment learning

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