10 ideas – simplifying

“3.Our thinking is often constrained by the complexity of the challenges, so which 10 complexities would you like to snap your fingers and remove?”

Here are ten ideas:

  1. Don’t let Engineers define the requirements 🙂 (I have an Engineering degree, so perhaps I’m included in this list). Just because you CAN deliver a feature doesn’t mean it is effective to deliver it. If in doubt, leave it out
  2. Use out-of-the-box functionality wherever possible rather than customising
  3. Deliver in small increments to keep momentum and interest flowing
  4. Persuade upstream departments (eg marketing, planning, design, etc) to keep their variants that impact OSS to a bare minimum
  5. Reduce the number of interfaces being integrated with
  6. Reduce the complexity of change management by involving a broader audience to participate in trials. Get them to use the product and comment, not just pontificate about what might happen
  7. Where possible, keep proofs of concept to the 20% of activities / processes that achieve 80% of results. If in doubt, leave it out (and then add back in later if you can’t live without a missing feature)
  8. Use machine learning tools like Panviva to assist in the acquisition of knowledge and making decisions
  9. Loosen the coupling of data sets (ie don’t enforce hierarchy of objects such as chassis to cards to ports, etc) as there will always be exceptions to those rules and better wasy
  10. Build efficiency into the design by holding regular throw-away days

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