…And it works with Alexa

In the past we’ve posed the concept of using a search front-end as a user friendly interface to the OSS of the future.

This UI would have the ability to poll all of the disparate systems that make up an OSS / BSS stack and curate responses. The front-end would need to be smart, but I wonder whether its clever curation of data would actually reduce the hard integration between lower-level systems.

And then you bolt Alexa onto it, using custom skills and leveraging the vast library of existing Alexa skills such as chat bot automation

Do you have a whole lot of swivel-chairing going on between your OSS tools? Do you regularly need to combine your OSS / BSS data with other data sourced from the public domain (eg share prices, customer activities, competitor slip-ups, etc)?

Let Alexa fill in the gaps. πŸ™‚

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