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“There was US$21.9B spent on games in the USA alone in 2012.”
NewZoo infographic
[Please note: I’ve since been advised that this link to the infographic may be malware]

According to the infographic, $2.1B was spent on Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games and $2.4B on mobile games alone. At the moment, these games tend to be monetised via subscription or up-front procurement of an app. But there is an opportunity for more customised pricing models to be developed (ie usage, scenarios, in-game purchases, access to different levels, etc).

At the moment the CSPs aren’t sourcing any of this revenue as far as I’m aware. But the sophistication of the CSP billing platforms and the size of their subscriber base would certainly give them a strategic advantage if they were willing to create a compelling platform for developers. They also have the economies of scale to provide competitive pricing points when compared with walled garden app revenue share models.

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