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Be aggressive in simplifying the BOSS to the bare minimum as customers are not seeing the difference of all the bells and whistles
Alan Quayle

Have you ever noticed that almost every B/OSS project is an upgrade, addition or a transformation? There are barely ever any reduction-only projects.

I often wonder whether the large CSPs have got their priorities around the wrong way. Most of the large CSPs have so many systems in their B/OSS platform that it stifles their ability to change or innovate. I refer to it as the chess-board analogy or dilemma because no single chess piece can move without impacting surrounding, integrated, pieces.

Rather than investing in upgrades, enhancements and ongoing maintenance, how about programs of ruthless simplification? I know it’s hard to justify expenditure on a program that delivers LESS functionality from your B/OSS… apart from the hidden benefit of increased flexibility to change and possibly a reduction in OPEX.

The simplification shouldn’t just be confined to the component pieces of the B/OSS and related integrations, but simplification of the network, simplification of the services, simplification of the processes, etc.

As a past CTO of a major CSP once told me, his old OSS wasn’t a maze because of the OSS itself, but because of the dizzying array of services that the marketing department conjured up and then somehow expected the OSS to keep up with.

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