China Unicom deploys speech analytics from Verint

China Unicom deploys Impact 360 Speech Analytics from Verint Systems.

Verint(R) Systems Inc. announced that Shanghai Unicom, a subsidiary of China Unicom–a leading telecommunications carrier in China–is gaining continued value, following its implementation of Impact 360(R) Speech Analytics(TM) . The organization uses the software to help uncover underlying customer issues and key drivers of calls into its contact center. Using Verint’s speech analytics software–part of the company’s Voice of the Customer Analytics(R) offering–Shanghai Unicom mines recorded calls and analyzes customer interactions to proactively identify early trends and opportunities, respond to the root causes that result in unnecessary calls for customers, and gather key market intelligence.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is improving the customer experience (and thus loyalty), while balancing critical and–at times–conflicting business objectives. These include maximizing customer satisfaction, while minimizing the cost of delivering an outstanding customer experience. Shanghai Unicom uses Verint speech analytics(1) to analyze customer calls for insights into improving both overall experiences and operational excellence. This not only allows it to uncover the key reasons why customers call its service hotline, but also address call drivers and gain feedback on recently launched marketing campaigns.

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