Communicating to different stakeholders

Sometimes you’ll be required to magically create a communication that’s perfectly aimed at two (or more) distinct audiences….The only practical answer is to write your copy to whatever aspects the audiences have in common, particularly tonally. If you put what you know about each audience in a Venn diagram, you’re writing to the middle bit where they all overlap. Although, as you can imagine, writing to this more homogenous group isn’t ideal.”
Ian Atkinson.

One of the great challenges of persuading a set of stakeholders to initiate a new OSS project is the vast differences in viewpoints / objectives each has.

It’s highly likely you’ll have at least two perspectives, one from the engineering / operations types and one from commercial / finance. Invariably you’ll have more.

This always creates the dilemma of how to cater for all key influencers within a proposal or business case.

I just read the quote above in Ian’s book this morning so I can’t vouch for how well it might work (yet) but I do like the Venn diagram concept.

Could this work for you? Do you have a different approach that has proved successful in the past?

2 thoughts on “Communicating to different stakeholders

  1. Hi Rajneekanth,

    That’s great to hear.
    Was it a recent POC or you used a similar idea before reading this recent blog?
    Did it produce helpful results for your team?

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