Digital Signage meets OSS

All content considerations should first be led from the brand. From there, make decisions about goals, initiatives and objectives. To do otherwise will doom a content strategy to being ineffective at best and off-message and harmful to the brand at worst.”
Brian Bibler

I must admit that I’m pretty new to the world of digital signage. I’ve known of it being a carrier service, but up until viewing this link from Verizon, I’d never put two and two together regarding possible alignment with B/OSS.

I’d never really thought of digital signage as being much more than “digitisation of traditional bill-boards,” as Farooq Muzaffar states in the video, nor realised that content can refresh so regularly. However, I can now envisage that the level of possible cross-over with B/OSS could be huge.

This mechanism potentially becomes much more powerful than I realised. Digital signage is not necessarily just a means for delivering advertising content to potential customers, but also as an internal communications and education mechanisms. For example, this might give the executive suite the ability to articulate and reinforce their messages to a broader staff base, such as cited in an earlier blog entry about where the money really flows within a CSP.

When combined with wireless M2M (ie location-based services) and point of sale (PoS), advertising / merchandising can evolve to become more responsive (ie real-time).

Is your organisation using digital signage? In collaboration with your B/OSS?

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