Diminishing OSS returns

The law of diminishing returns refer to a point at which the level of benefits gained is less than the amount of effort expended. In other words, reaching an asymptote of progressively less benefit for a given unit of effort.

This is reflective of many jobs in the world, where their exponents quickly approach the asymptote of mastery. Not OSS though.

An OSS maybe. Your OSS perhaps. But not the world of OSS.

New processes, new technologies, new methodologies, new organisations. None of us are likely to be getting complacent any time soon are we?

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks Ryan. You are reminding me of the Software Crisis where a system will have to be “scrapped” as it cannot be enhanced/upgraded or maintained. Thinking about the impact with home grown IT/OSS/BSS solutions where a Roadmap is not in place, not a good understanding of open-source technology (Hadoop, Storm, Spark, Hive, Hbase, Cassandra, Mongo, Openstack, etc..), new business models, etc..

  2. Yes, our world is constantly changing isn’t it Wallis? It always seems to be exciting times in the world of OSS… at least the last 15+ years that I’ve been working in it.

  3. Thanks Ryan for all the updates, etc.. Indeed OSS( and BSS) is no longer the vertical (stovepipe) solution that is applied to one application. Transformation to a horizontal architecture using a well industrialised OSS (and BSS) stack is now required. Yes, it is a very exciting time to be involved with OSS (and BSS).

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