Frustration and Discomfort

You need to feel frustration and discomfort before you can really learn.”
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How did you feel when starting out on your first OSS project? Frustration and discomfort were definitely two of the many feelings that I felt. The learning curve was definitely steep. And the more I learnt, the more obvious it became that there was so much more that I needed to learn to become even remotely competent.

So let’s translate that into your new project where your OctopOSS is going to take many users down the path of learning. You want to make sure that they don’t just give up through frustration and discomfort don’t you? I can assure you that this despondence happens far too often on OSS projects and when working with OSS products.

Testing, training, benchmarking and fine-tuning are some of the many areas where corners are cut on OctopOSS projects. But these are some of the most important aspects of getting an OSS through the frustration and discomfort to the other side of productivity and knowledge.

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