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When you’re building a new product, you’re often thinking about all the new things people are going to be able to do with it. Now they can do this, now they can do that. Exciting!
But there’s a better question to ask: What are people going to stop doing once they start using your product?

Jason Fried
on blog

Implementing your new OctopOSS is exciting if you’re the changer (ie building it or initiating it).

But what about if you’re the changee? What tools does the new OSS replace? What skills need to change? What processes need adapting? What comfort zones are you destroying? How strong is the gravity of change that you’ll be pulling against? What are you asking people to leave behind?

What are the compelling reasons for change and how are you going to sell it to the changees? Do you know who the changees are and what it is that your OctopOSS is going to stop or break or destroy or interfere with in their eyes?

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