HT Croatia upgrades with Redknee

HT Croatia, part of DT Group, Positioned for Growth with Redknee Unified Upgrade.

Redknee Solutions Inc. announced the completion of an upgrade project at Hrvatski Telecom (HT Croatia), part of the Deutsche Telekom Group. The Redknee Unified upgrade modernizes HT Croatia’s real-time charging system to provide agile capabilities to subscribers, while supporting future growth opportunities, the introduction of new and innovative services and real-time marketing campaigns. This new software solution provides HT Croatia with the flexibility to react quickly to market conditions, increase its competitiveness, and foster future growth. With the completion of this project, HT Croatia can now focus on pursuing its growth strategy, including the delivery of new solutions for prepaid and postpaid voice and data to subscribers on the BonBon MVNO and HT Croatia networks. This upgrade demonstrates Redknee’s ability to successfully deliver complex upgrade projects on-time and on-budget.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are modernizing their BSS stacks as they expand their business services and functions. Gartner Research from August 2015 highlights the growth of enterprise application software, as service providers modernize their core applications, extend their capabilities into new areas, and undertake digital transformation projects. Redknee’s experience helping service providers with large-scale transformation projects combined with its real-time monetization and subscriber management solutions, provide service providers such as HT Croatia with an end-to-end solution to support their business goals and growth strategies. Redknee Unified enables service providers to quickly launch new brands and innovative service offerings, using one centralized platform, in a matter of days. Redknee Unified offers product catalog, order management and advanced customer and self-care capabilities, enabling the creation of tailored offerings, communications and support across multiple channels.

Davor Tomaškovi?, CEO of Hrvatski Telekom:
“HT Croatia is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of the Redknee Unified Charging system. This launch is a significant milestone as our customers will benefit from better quality services and our business will now have the flexibility to evolve to the changing demand and expectations of consumers. Redknee has been an invaluable partner and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future as we grow and achieve our business goals.”

Lucas Skoczkowski, Redknee’s CEO commented:
“In today’s competitive market having a modern and agile monetization solutions is critical for any communications service provider. We are proud of the long-term partnership with HT Croatia and are pleased to deliver a solution capable of transforming their business. By leveraging the Redknee solution, HT Croatia will be able to increase its competitiveness and quickly react to market opportunities that contribute to long-term growth and profitability, while nurturing customers through a consistent high quality omni-channel experience.”


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