If big data is collected in a forest….

If big data is collected in a forest and nobody is around to mine it, are any insights found?”
Ryan Jeffery

To quote David Prior, “Big Data is Rubbish.”
Click on the link to find out why. Check out slide 42 in particular.

Whether you want to call it BIIIIG DATAAAAA or just data, OSS are great at collecting lots of the stuff. Cool! But now what??

OSS are also good at cross-referencing data to produce helpful information. Some OSS are better than others. But OSS developers have built functionality that only cross-references some of that data and presents only a fraction of the insights that all of the data is capable of unlocking.

If you are a CSP commissioning an OSS, I’d strongly recommend building a team that can continually mine data in the OSS’s database to find the millions of insights that the developers have overlooked. Afterall, you know your business and your networks and your tribe better than they ever will (or at least you should know them better!).

BTW. I’d also recommend that the data mining team should comprise a healthy number of tripods.

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