Internet of Everything (IoE)

People are very reluctant to talk about their private lives but then you go to the internet and they’re much more open.”
Paulo Coelho.

In this article, the insight from Cisco’s Chief Futurist, David Evans provides a view of the future of personal health monitoring.

In the future of IoE, the device count will be massive and the variety will also be staggering. How will that effect the future OSS? Perhaps putting it a different way, how can OSS benefit the IoE?

Will these devices be managed or unmanaged (by OSS)? They’re effectively remote probes for other applications, so what do the CSP’s network layer and associated management platforms bring to the situation? Privacy? Security? Pervasiveness/coverage? Outsourcing of device monitoring? Carrier billing? Analytics / Diagnostics? Reliability of service via QoS prioritisation?

If bandwidth is commoditised and simply becomes the pipe for valuable content, does the OSS become less relevant to CSPs if it only manages the pipe rather than the content?

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