The new B/OSS differentiators

The marriage of high-speed IP-based network infrastructure and the new generation of IT support systems will ultimately lead to a greater focus on areas such as customer experience, business intelligence and innovative ways of dealing with network congestion.”
Peter Dykes.

Peter has hit the nail on the head in his quote above, from a post on

We’re in a period of major change in the carrier world where customer experience, BI, congestion and data mobility are the next differentiators. For many traditional B/OSS vendors, these are new concepts that their base constructs don’t cater for. This means major development undertakings will be required by many vendors, which will require significant investment.

Acquisitions and SaaS models are possible alternatives for those who aren’t already well advanced in development of toward these constructs. As a result the evolution of the B/OSS market will continue to fascinate us in coming years.

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