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Simply put, Landing Page Optimization has a high ROI

In the world of e-Commerce, the concept of having multiple landing pages is an important method to determine which of your marketing strategies or sales copy is the most successful.

Now it’s quite obvious that OSS are not directly comparable with e-Commerce websites. However, are there any parallels that you could draw from this technique to add value to your OSS?

An OSS is all about repeatability, so you don’t want the results of an action to be randomised in the production environment.

If you’re a CSP would there be value in knowing the click-through patterns of your users to identify the methods used by your most efficient operators?

Or if you’re a vendor would an analysis like this identify which parts of your solution aren’t being used at all, aren’t being used efficiently or are causing misdirection or confusion for the users?

If you were re-engineering your processes on a development environment, would it be worthwhile testing multiple variants and seeing which produced the most efficient results? Can you prune various low-likelihood aspects of your process and test whether their removal has a measurable effect? Another example might be to trial slight variations of naming conventions to see which is most intuitive across multiple types of users (eg order entry, operations, design, etc).

If you’re a vendor and have offered a customer a trial of your solution, do you set up multiple configuration alternatives to trial to see which ones elements of each configuration best suit their needs?

Will this relatively simple trial-and-error testing provide any significant ROI (Return on Investment) improvements like it does in the world of e-Commerce?

Are you recording the metrics that provide insights towards improvement of the user experience and/or user performance? Contact me if you need assistance to set up the tools that can measure user click-throughs on your OSS

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