Loud and angry

The problem with requiring people to be loud and angry to get things done is that you’re now surrounded by people who are loud and angry.”
Seth Godin
in this blog.

The beauty of working as a consultant is having the opportunity to experience many different corporate cultures. Seth’s blog reminded me of a small handful of past projects where the environment was aggressive and toxic. You might like to click on the link above if you’re interested in reading the broader context of Seth’s message and see whether you can relate.

I’ve noticed a few interesting themes amongst these load and angry environments:

  1. Loud and angry seems to be position taken by those who give lip-service to solving issues but aren’t actually willing to take steps to overcome them, particularly structural issues that hinder all projects in their domain
  2. Loud and angry seems to filter down from the leaders of the organisation or business unit
  3. Loud and angry environments tend to have workers that are dedicating too much of their time to protection mechanisms (eg over-reporting, lobbying, blaming, etc) and not enough to delivering
  4. Loud and angry environments don’t produce better outcomes

OSS environments, in particular, simply can’t justify having high staff turnover (see this earlier post entitled, “Getting to productive” for further reasoning). Of course there are many causes of turnover. If you have a high turnover of staff in your organisation / division, is “loud and angry” one of the reasons?

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