Making an OSS sale

Sales is all about getting the customer to know you, like you, trust you.

Many vendors do this well. However, does it also make sense to extend this concept to trusting the product, not just the people? An OctopOSS represents a large investment of time and resources for an organisation. Product evaluation is often a difficult exercise for the organisation as products have vastly different capabilities and are difficult to directly compare. So how does the vendor’s sales team allow the customer to develop trust in their product?

The standard approach of a few product demos in the hands of the vendor’s experts don’t really cut it.

A Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstration defined to the customer’s specific needs is a better approach but can be very time consuming for vendor and customer.

Passionate About OSS has created an OSS benchmark tool that facilitates the efficiency measurement of performing common activities. But there still remains the question of user experience to really trust a product.

Perhaps the product can be left in a basic-config (or out-of-the box) format with the customer for an extended trial period? Perhaps it can be set up as an appliance so that it can be reached via remote management and remote control to demonstrate functionality to the users?

But this only works if you believe in your product – that it’s hardened enough, supportable enough and intuitive enough for a novice to use. That would be worthy of a customer’s trust

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