MEO (Portugal Telecom) signs Gemalto cloud-based billing

MEO rolls out operator billing using Gemalto’s Netsize cloud-based billing services.

Gemalto is providing its hosted and fully managed Netsize billing services platform to MEO. MEO is part of Portugal Telecom, Portugal’s leading mobile operator with more than seven million subscribers. The cloud-based solution eliminates the need for MEO to create, manage and maintain its own online billing infrastructure for third party services and supports seamless integration of new services. MEO subscribers can now quickly and easily discover innovative services such as gaming, e-books and music and pay for them via their MEO mobile phone bill.

Gemalto, through its Netsize operation, is managing the integration of new merchants intending to market apps and digital content to subscribers and secure payment via the operator’s billing system. These merchants link directly to the Netsize single entry cloud-based billing platform provided in software-as-a-service mode (SaaS), which offers the scalability to accommodate both future growth and seasonal fluctuations in demand.

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