Microsoft Azure IoT Hub launched

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub launched.

The highly anticipated Microsoft Azure IoT Hub will be generally available on February 4. Azure IoT Hub provides an easy and secure way to connect, provision and manage billions of IoT devices sending and receiving trillions of messages per month. IoT Hub is the bridge between customers’ devices and their solutions in the cloud, allowing them to store, analyze and act on that data in real time. IoT Hub enables secure, reliable two-way communication—from device to cloud and cloud to device—over open protocols such as MQTT, HTTPS and AMQPS that are already widely used in IoT. Finally, IoT Hub makes it simple to integrate with other Azure services, such as Azure Machine Learning to find deep insights that power IoT businesses, and Azure Stream Analytics to act on those insights in real time by simultaneously monitoring millions of devices and taking action.

While IoT Hub is an amazing, foundational service for a customized IoT solution, it is just the start. Microsoft goes beyond building block services by providing preconfigured IoT solutions, so that what used to take weeks for a customer to build can now be automatically provisioned in minutes with the Azure IoT Suite. Announced September 2015, the Azure IoT Suite enables customers to quickly provision a working, end-to-end IoT solution that includes IoT Hub as well as other Azure Services – and even includes simulated devices so customers can see the solution working right away. Best of all, the preconfigured solutions in the Azure IoT Suite are easy to customize to satisfy evolving IoT needs.

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