Net Neutrality Ruling

The US Federal Communications Commission’s open internet rules, passed late in 2010, enforced  transparency around how ISPs handle network congestion (e.g. by prioritising certain traffic types); prohibited them from blocking certain types of traffic, such as Skype or Netflix; and barred ‘unreasonable’ discrimination, such as a telco giving Skype traffic a low priority in order to boost its own voice services. Verizon, however, challenged those rules, and the US District of Columbia Court of Appeals has now found that they have no basis in federal law.”
Communications Day

This is a significant ruling for carriers and ISPs as it re-opens the door to Policy Based Charging (PBC), whereby CSPs can offer customers increased prioritisation at premium rates. Or the reverse, it can throttle or block other traffic / service types. And if PBC-based services exist, your BSS (and OSS?) will need to follow suit.

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