Swisscom selects cVidya

Swisscom selects cVidya to manage sales performance

cVidya announced that Swisscom has deployed its Prospero™ system to manage the performance of 13,000 internal sales executives and external channel distributors.

Using the comprehensive and easy-to-operate sales and service performance management solution, Swisscom can set business rules, adapt incentives to sales strategy and manage large volumes of commission payments. Prospero also provides individual members of the sales force with a web portal where they can track their commission on a daily basis and analyze how they can optimize their performance within the incentive framework.

As well as increasing the efficiency of the sales force, Prospero is enabling Swisscom to design highly effective incentive programs that drive high-margin sales, lifting revenues and profits. By providing a high level of transparency and clarity, Prospero enables Swisscom’s managers, individual sales executives and channel partners to easily monitor their performance and adjust their approach accordingly.

Able to draw on data from any OSS/BSS in the telecom environment, including customer care, billing, order management, ERP and inventory, Prospero can be used to simulate ‘what if’ scenarios, enabling a service provider to model the potential impact of changes in incentive programs, for example. Swisscom is using the system to plan its targets and expected payments for 2014, improving the accuracy of its financial planning.

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