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(I) likened developing your people at the point of execution to training pilots after you take delivery of your airplanes.
Jeff Joerres.

Does this sound familiar in the OSS world?
How often have you heard of an OSS implementation being signed off before training commences? Or training just before UAT (User Acceptance Testing) starts?

I liken OSS training to being an apprenticeship rather than a few weeks of training. You need practical, real-life experience, not just generic training packages in a lab environment.

Have you heard examples of CSPs implementing multi-million dollar OSS, only to skimp on training of staff? I’m an advocate of having your OSS pilots helping to build your plane (ie working alongside the suppliers/integrators to implement it).

Come to think of it, Eddie, a great friend and colleague of mine has done both. Built OSS (day job) and planes (for fun). How many other readers can make this claim to fame?

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