OSS Strategy Definitions

Strategy making needs to function beyond the boxes to encourage the informal learning that produces new perspectives and new combinations… Once managers understand this, they can avoid other costly misadventures caused by applying formal techniques, without judgement and intuition, to problem solving.”
Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg described the following strategic approaches / perspectives:

  • Strategy as plan – a specific set of actions intended to achieve a specific set of goals
  • Strategy as pattern – a pattern of behaviours or culture that has developed in the absence of a planned strategy;
  • Strategy as position – an approach designed for gaining a specific market position relating to brands, products or customers;
  • Strategy as ploy – a strategic approached designed with a specific competitor in mind, to overwhelm them or to counter a threat that they represent; and
  • Strategy as perspective – establishing a mindset or perspective of what your organisation is or what it represents

Each of these could be relevant in your situation, although plan, position and ploy are the most likely strategies in relation to your OSS planning exercise.

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