Quarter inch hole

They (customers) don’t want quarter-inch bits. They want quarter-inch holes.”
Leo McGinneva.

As alluded to in McGinneva’s quote above, OSS are only a means to an end.

A customer doesn’t want a Performance Management tool. They want to ensure their network is performing efficiently and reliably. If a better approach comes along, there might no longer be a need for the traditional Performance Manager tool.

Your OSS might have lots of features, but what is the essence of what the customers or users really need?

As a starting point, remove the concept of features and ask the question, “What can a business case be built around?”

Examples might include the ability to:

  • Get new products to market faster than competitors
  • Turn on customer services faster than present (and/or faster than competitors)
  • Improve operational quality (eg designs), or more importantly, reduce re-work
  • Accurately understand resource utilisation to improve capital efficiency
  • Detect and resolve problems faster
  • Develop new revenue streams through novel approaches
  • Improve brand value and recognition via methods such as improved reliability
  • Reduce operational expense
  • Increase NPS (Net Promoter Score) or other customer relationship metrics
  • etc

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