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At its most basic, a story begins with a character who wants something, struggles to overcome barriers that stand in the way of achieving it, and moves through a series of actions—the actual story structure—to overcome them.”
Jack Hart.

Does the description above sound like the plot from a New York Times best-seller or does it explain every OctopOSS project you’ve ever worked on?

I wonder whether this is why so many of us are passionate about OSS? There are always so many stories to share of being one of the inspirational key characters in a story of overcoming enormous obstacles via a series of ever more heroic actions.

So many interesting stories. So many interesting characters, tight-knit teams and scary beasts. So many twists and turns. Hugh Jackman has to be the actor to play me when the loosely-based autobiography inevitably gets turned into a runaway Hollywood hit. 😀

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