This one OSS factor can give a sustainable advantage

The business case justifications of OSS tend to fall into four categories:

  • Revenue increase – the operationalisation and monetisation of an operator’s assets
  • Cost reduction – improving the operational efficiency of the operator
  • Insight generation – by leveraging the valuable data that an OSS collects
  • Brand value – this is a catch-all for many different ways an OSS can contribute to (or detract from) an operator’s brand

On the last point, we can break this down into defence (eg reducing outages that may damage the operator’s brand) or on offence (eg faster time to market or activations that give the operator a competitive advantage).

But there’s one other special category that bears consideration – threat minimisation – which probably has elements of each of the four points above. If we take a really macro-view of this, two of the biggest threats facing operators today are disruptive new business models and disruptive new products. Or, you could take the complete opposite perspective on this and see it as opportunity maximisation (if you’re the one to capitalise on the disruptive opportunity first).

An operator’s OSS can have a massive influence on this category. If an operator takes months to force urgent changes through its OSS, then it can’t respond well to a disruptive threat. Similarly, opportunities / arbitrages only have a short window before the market responds, so a lack of OSS flexibility impacts an operator’s ability to maximise opportunity.

Having an OSS with greater agility than competitors can be a more significant, sustainable market advantage than most people in telecommunications realise.

Check out our OSS business case builder for a more detailed breakdown of factors that can help to build a persuasive OSS business case. Or just contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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